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You have probably learned at some point in your science class how the moon cycle affects the tides and the water level. On a spiritual scale, astrology is the study of how the position and movements of celestial bodies–planets, stars, comets– affects the events, or people, on earth.


Your Natal chart (a.k.a. Birth chart) captures the position of the celestial bodies in the universe at the moment of your birth. This chart is a blueprint that provides you with information about you as a person–your tendencies, your potential, your weaknesses, your strength, your life patterns, and life lessons. 


To give you an example: you may have a genetic trait of lactose intolerance. Knowing this information about yourself will not and cannot stop you from consuming dairy products. You still have the freewill to choose to drink milk, but you can also use the information to help you make more fitting food choices that won’t leave you with regrets later, in the bathroom.


Similarly, your birth chart provides you with information that creates awareness and alerts you of the potential issues or opportunities that you have the free will to change to live a happier life.


Let’s get you started on your journey to self-discovery and making healthy choices for a happy life.

Astrology Reading

Natal Chart + 12 Month Forecast (75 minutes)


During this session, you will gain a greater understanding of your tendencies, your challenges, and life patterns. You will learn more about your potential in love, work, and personal fulfillment. You will receive personalized guidance on how to recognize harmful patterns that may block you from reaching your potential and happiness. A forecast will provide you with insights and advice of major influences to help you better prepare for significant challenges or opportunities to come in the coming year.

Natal Chart (45 minutes)


Not interested in the future but yourself? This is the package for you. Give yourself the gift of knowing thyself.

Major Influences Forecast (30 minutes)


This is your 12 month forecast without the natal chart reading. Perfect reading when you want to prepare yourself for what the year ahead has to offer.

Green flag Red flag Reading (30 minutes)


This reading offers you the gift of knowing others. Do you have a person of interest in mind that you’re not quite sure what to make of or how to interact with them? This is similar to a natal chart, but of the person of your interest. During this session, you will learn about the tendencies, challenges, and life patterns of the person of interest. The purpose of the reading is to give you insight of potential green flags and red flags of the person of interest. This is NOT a relationship reading so I will not discuss compatibility between you and the person